Who's the Dummy?

Everything you wanted to know about ventriloquism. Come join the fun!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

"What kind of puppet?"

Ronnie here again. I've been thinking...I didn't suggest a topic for discussion. So here's one: Do you have a vent figure or a puppet? Or do you like to practice vocal effects to surprise your little brother or scare Aunt Matilda? I'd like to know! I'm especially interested if you have a GIRL puppet. Uh, scratch that last part. Kimn's heading this way so I gotta play it cool. I'll be waiting to read your posts. Describe your puppets or how you got into venTRICKolism. Yeah! Yours truly, RONNIE (p.s. - I gotta get my own account)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Make way for handsome."

Okay, MY turn. Ronnie here. I can see that this place needs a special hand--er, mouth. So here I am. Kimn's awfully busy, so send ME your questions, your comments, your chocolate chip cookies. Really. I mean it. By the way, I like those mini M&M's in the cookies. Let's talk.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

No one's a dummy, if you practice

Welcome to my newest blog, this one for everyone interested in VENTRILOQUISM. Over the years I've received emails from the curious, from students in elementary school to retired adults, asking a zillion different questions about dummies (the puppet kind), or shows, or books, or comedy routines--one person even asked if I could identify an old dummy (complete with digital photo!).

So here's a place dedicated to our conversations, whether newbie or pro, as we pursue our mutual interest of ventriloquism as an entertainment art. So let the posts begin!

Uh, fair warning: If you don't, RONNIE will jump in here and say something, although he and I explicitly agreed that you, dear reader, would get the first crack at posting here. Well, after this post. When I welcome you to the blog. And invite you all to converse. Oh, you get the idea. Right? Okay, so who's first?