Who's the Dummy?

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Friday, February 29, 2008

"February 29"

Okay, let's celebrate Leap Year today. Run to your rooms and JUMP ON YOUR BEDS! Ha ha! Psst, it's my birthday today--which is confusing since it's only once every four years. Don't bother asking how old I am. I flunked math. Well, not really. I just don't feel like calculating.

But I DO know what I feel like doing right now. C'mon, let's LEAP on those beds! Ha ha!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Enough of the white stuff!

Okay, okay, enough SNOW already! Sheeesh. Kimn's out shoveling the drive, so I get the computer to vent. Ha! Vent--get it? That's also short for "ventriloquism." Anyway, here are some jokes to celebrate your school cancellations...

How do snowmen travel around ?
By icicle !

What sort of ball doesn't bounce ?
A snowball !

What do snowmen wear on their heads?
Ice caps!

What do snowmen eat for lunch?